What we do


Build scalable platforms

Home to multiple decentralized protocols that disrupt the status-quo.


Design innovative products

User-centric, intuitive and seamless products that solve real problems.


Break blockchain barriers

Advocates of universal blockchain for personal freedom. Enabling cross-chain communication via Cosmos IBC and Poly Network.


Champions of decentralization

Pursuing high performance applications whilst avoiding pitfalls of centralization. We aim to build fully decentralized products, the way Satoshi intended.

Reimagine Decentralization

As pioneers of the decentralized world, we constantly dive headfirst into new realms, building unstoppable platforms that enable a global financial ecosystem without unjust barriers and unnecessary intermediaries.

Switcheo TradeHub

A fully decentralized layer 2 cross-chain trading protocol.


Switcheo TradeHub is a custom-built sidechain for trading that utilizes Cosmos SDK as its primary building block. It is designed to support high-performance trading of any financial asset, at scale.


Switcheo TradeHub’s native block explorer.


Tradescan is Switcheo TradeHub’s block explorer that provides visibility on the protocol’s inner workings. Track the latest staking APRs, SWTH supply and average block times or participate in Switcheo’s on-chain governance.


The Decentralized Mercantile Exchange.


Demex is a 2nd-generation derivatives DEX powered by the Switcheo TradeHub protocol. Trade any financial asset imaginable on the first exchange to integrate on-chain liquidity pools with order books.

Switcheo Token

The native token of Switcheo TradeHub.


SWTH is Switcheo TradeHub’s governance token with a staking functionality at its core. SWTH secures the protocol across a network of validators and is also used for transaction fees.


A Decentralized Token Swap Protocol.


Built by Switcheo Labs, ZilSwap is an on-chain DEX on Zilliqa. Swap assets directly or provide liquidity to earn passively. Switcheo TradeHub will soon integrate Zilliqa to leverage ZilSwap liquidity.

Switcheo Foundation

An Initiative to Democratize Financial Markets.


Switcheo Foundation is an ambitious not-for-profit project that champions the growth of a radically decentralized financial system while serving as a neutral advisor to the Switcheo TradeHub protocol.

Switcheo Exchange (Deprecated)

The first multi-chain DEX on Neo.


Switcheo Exchange was the first DEX on Neo to interoperate with Ethereum. Launched in 2018, Switcheo Exchange cemented Switcheo’s position as leading builders of decentralized protocols and trailblazers in unprecedented technology.